SingTrece & Band

An intimate evening of live music, featuring SingTrece.

Welcome to the Melodic Realm of SingTrece
Step into the world of SingTrece, where each song is a journey of its own. Known for her enchanting voice that has been described as ‘Milk and Honey to the Ears,’ SingTrece is more than a singer; she’s a musical storyteller who connects deeply with her audience.

A Voice That Echoes Across Continents
As a seasoned live performer, SingTrece has graced stages around the world, from the intimate venues of Europe to the sacred echoes of the Vatican. Her music transcends boundaries, embodying the essence of inspiration and soulful melodies.

Singer-Songwriter with a Touch of Magic
SingTrece’s work as an independent artist and singer-songwriter showcases her extraordinary ability to blend poignant lyrics with captivating melodies. Her songs are reflections of her journey, inviting listeners into a world of musical bliss.

Beyond the Notes: A Versatile Talent
While her heart lies in music, SingTrece’s talent extends beyond the microphone. As an accomplished actor, she has brought her dynamic presence to the stage and screen, enriching every role with depth and authenticity. Her performances in “Blues to The Bible,” “Crowns,” “DreamGirls,” “The Wiz,” and “A Room Full Of Grieving Mothers” highlight her versatility and commitment to the arts.

The Soul of SingTrece: Inspiration and Connection
At the core of SingTrece’s artistry is her mission to inspire and connect with people through music. Her performances are not just about notes and rhythms; they are about creating experiences that uplift, heal, and bring joy. This connection is evident whether she’s captivating an audience in a live performance or reaching out through her recorded songs.


Jun 22 2024


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Auburn Public Theater
Auburn Public Theater
8 Exchange Street, Auburn, NY 13021

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