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Join Harriet Tubman’s Lantern Trail: An Immersive, Outdoor Exhibit

A project of the Equal Rights Heritage Center

Experience Auburn, NY, as it was during Harriet Tubman’s lifetime. Learn even more about Auburn’s historical sites with this interactive wayfinding exhibit. Harriet Tubman’s Lantern Trail is an immersive outdoor experience that highlights unique moments in Auburn's history. The whole city is part of Harriet Tubman’s story. You’re looking at Auburn—during her time. Here's how it works:

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How to Follow the Trail


Explore each lantern stop on Harriet’s trail by following the map. There’s no correct order to make each stop, jump in anywhere!


At each historic site, you’ll find a lantern sticker with a QR code. Point your smartphone camera at the code, open the link, and prepare to be transported back in time. 


Scan all 11 stickers and win a prize! Simply snap a picture at each lantern stop, then head to the Equal Rights Heritage Center, show your photos to a staff member during regular hours, and receive a History’s Hometown gift bag!

Got Questions?

If you’re having trouble locating a sticker or just want to learn more about each site, speak to a staff member at any of the stops! They’ll provide you with historical information, a map, further instructions, or whatever else you need to complete the trail.