Experience Harriet's Lantern Trail

Harriet’s Lantern Trail is an immersive, outdoor exhibit highlighting historical moments in Auburn, NY throughout the city.

Find them all: explore each lantern stop on Harriet’s trail by following her map. Look for a QR code outside each lantern stop – simply scan the code with your smartphone, open the link, and prepare to be transported back in time. By taking the lantern trail, you will experience rare and undiscovered windows into Auburn’s past right in the moment you are there.

Win something cool: if you make it to each lantern stop, you’ll win a prize! Simply snap a photo from each lantern stop, then head over to the Equal Rights Heritage Center during regular hours, show the front desk, and you’ll receive a prize!

To find each lantern stop on Harriet’s trail, follow the mapDon’t forget: you can jump in from any point on the trail! 
Example Lantern Sticker


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