Chase and Seward: Antislavery Advocates

An evening with renowned William Seward biographer Walter Stahr, who will discuss his new book on Salmon Chase.

Walter Stahr, author of a New York Times bestselling biography of William Henry Seward, will discuss his new book, a biography of Seward’s colleague in the antislavery movement and the Lincoln cabinet: Salmon Portland Chase. Stahr will discuss the complex relationship between Seward and Chase, who first met through their work for black rights, when they collaborated on a Supreme Court case, attacking the Fugitive Slave Act.

Stahr will talk about the rivalry among Seward, Chase and Lincoln for the 1860 presidential nomination, their roles in the Lincoln cabinet, and their divergent courses after Lincoln’s death in 1865, when Seward remained in the State Department while Chase served on the Supreme Court.

The event will be held at the Equal Rights Heritage Center, tickets are $20, and reservations are recommended, walk-ins possible.

Available exclusively to Seward House Museum members is a free reception with Walter Stahr preceding his book talk. Enjoy conversation and light refreshments with the nation’s most renowned expert on William Henry Seward.


Mar 24 2022


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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Equal Rights Heritage Center


Seward House Museum

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